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Sandra Mihanovich Cahen (born April 24, 1957) is an Argentine singer, musician, and composer of Rock, Blues, and Tango rhythms.

She was born in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the daughter of Iván Mihanovich Nazar, a polo player of Croatian descent -and heir to a shipping fortune- and Mónica Cahen D'Anvers, a famous journalist and TV anchorperson with Ashkenazi ancestry. She inherited from her paternal grandfather her passion for jazz music. After completing high school, she studied music at the Universidad Católica Argentina and, since March 1976, also theater at the Conservatorio de Arte Dramático.

Her singing début was at "La Ciudad" pub on May 20, 1976. While working the pub circuit, she met fellow musician and composers Alejandro Lerner, Marilina Ross, Celeste Carballo, Horacio Fontova and Ruben Rada, whose songs she went on to include in her repertoire. She met her first producer, Ricardo Kleinman, after a show at the Universidad de Belgrano. On October 1982, she became the first female soloist holding a show at Obras, widely known as the Argentine "Rock Cathedral". In 1986 she won the "Antorcha de Plata" at the Viña del Mar Song Festival in Chile.

The Legislative Chamber of Buenos Aires named her "Distinguished Personality of the Culture of the City" to honor her thirty years long career. As an actress, she starred in the "Vulnerables" TV series (1999) about a self healing therapy group and other movies and TV programs.

1977. "Pienso en vos" (Thinking of you)
1982. "Puerto Pollensa" ("Port Pollensa")
1983. "Hagamos el amor" (Let's Make Love)
1984. "Soy lo que soy" (I Am What I Am)
1984. "Sandra en Shams" (Sandra at Shams)
1985. "Como la primera vez" (As the First Time)
1986. "Sandra en el paraíso" (Sandra in Paradise)
1987. "Somos muchos más que dos" (We Are Many More Than Two) featuring Celeste Carballo
1989. "Mujer contra mujer" (Woman Against Woman) featuring Celeste Carballo
1991. "Si somos gente" (If We Are People)
1992. "Todo brilla" (Everything Shines)
1994. "Cambio de planes" (Change of Plans)
1998. "Manuelita, la tortuga de Pehuajó" (Manuelita, Pehuajó's Turtle)
2000. "Todo tiene un lugar" (Everything Has a Place)
2003. "Sin tu amor" (Without Your Love)
2004. Inolvidables RCA: 20 Grandes Exitos (compilation)
2007. "Creciendo" (Growing Up)
2.009. "Honrar la vida" ("Honoring the life")


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