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(double bassist)

Richard Davis (born April 15, 1930) is an American jazz bassist. Davis is one of the most widely recorded bassists of all time. Among his most famous contributions to the albums of others are Eric Dolphy's 1964 Blue Note LP Out to Lunch!, Andrew Hill's Point of Departure and Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, of which critic Greil Marcus wrote (in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll), "Richard Davis provided the greatest bass ever heard on a rock album".

] Biography

He has been a professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison since 1977. Originally from Chicago, he first became known in that city before establishing himself in New York City for twenty-three years. He teaches bass, jazz history, and improvisation.

A long-time educator, Davis' former students include William Parker, Karl E. H. Seigfried, Sandor Ostlund, Hans Sturm, Jeffry Eckels, David Ephross, and many others.

Richard Davis, a Chicago native, began his musical career as a singer with his brothers. Davis sang bass in his family vocal trio. In addition to his earlier years of singing, Richard Davis began studying the double bass in high school with his music theory and band director, Captain Walter Dyett. After high school, Davis studied the double bass with Rudolf Fahsbender of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra while attending Vandercook College. In 1952 Richard Davis received a BME from Vandercook College.

After college, Davis performed in dance bands. The connections he made while performing various gigs led him to meet pianist Don Shirley. In 1954 Davis and Shirley moved to New York city and performed together until 1956. After the musical split, Davis began playing with the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra.


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As leader
1969: Muses For Richard Davis (MPS Records) with Jimmy Knepper (tb), Eddie Daniels (ts), Roland Hanna (p), Freddie Hubbard (tp), Jerry Dodgion (as), Pepper Adams (bs), Louis Hayes(d)
1972: Now's the Time with Joe Bonner, Freddie Waits, Clifford Jordan, Marvin Peterson,
1976: As One with Jill McManus (p)
1977: Fancy Free
1979: Harvest
1987: Persia My Dear with Freddie Waits, Roland Hanna
1990: Live at Sweet Basil with George Cables, Ricky Ford, Cecil Bridgewater, Ronnie Burrage, Roland Hanna
2000: Forest Flowers with Stanley Cowell, Ted Dunbar, Billy Hart, James Spaulding, Eddie Henderson, Sonny Brown, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Frankie Dunlop
2001: The Bassist: Homage to Diversity with John Hicks

As sideman

With Jaki Byard
The Jaki Byard Experience (Prestige, 1968)

With Candido Camero
Beautiful (Blue Note, 1970)

With Eric Dolphy
Iron Man (Douglas, 1963)
Out to Lunch! (Blue Note, 1964)

With Lou Donaldson
Rough House Blues (Argo, 1964)
Sophisticated Lou (Blue Note, 1973)

With Kenny Dorham
Trompeta Toccata (Blue Note, 1964)

With Jonathan Edwards
Have a Good Time for Me (Alto, 1973)

With Booker Ervin
The Song Book (Prestige, 1964)
The Blues Book (Prestige, 1964)
Groovin' High (Prestige, 1963-64)
Heavy!!! (Prestige, 1966)

With Chico Hamilton
The Further Adventures of El Chico (Impulse!, 1966)

With Johnny Hartman
The Voice That Is! (Impulse!, 1964)

With Joe Henderson
In 'N Out
Relaxin' at Camarillo

With Andrew Hill
Black Fire (Blue Note, 1963)
Smokestack (Blue Note, 1963)
Judgment! (Blue Note, 1964)
Point of Departure (Blue Note, 1964)
Andrew!!! (Blue Note, 1964)
Lift Every Voice (Blue Note, 1969)
Nefertiti (East Wind, 1976)

With Freddie Hubbard
The Hub of Hubbard (1970)

With Janis Ian
Between the Lines (1975)

With Milt Jackson
Statements (Impulse!, 1962)
For Someone I Love (Riverside, 1963)
Jazz 'n' Samba (Impulse!, 1964)

With Elvin Jones
Dear John C. (Impulse!, 1965)
Heavy Sounds (Impulse! Records, 1967)
Very R.A.R.E. (Trio Records, 1979)
Love & Peace (Trio Records, 1982)

With Hank Jones
Ain't Misbehavin'

With Roland Kirk
Reeds & Deeds (1963)
Rip, Rig and Panic (1965)

With Hubert Laws
Flute By-Laws (1966)

With John Lewis
P.O.V. (1975)

With Charles Lloyd
Discovery! (1965)

With Pat Martino
The Visit, also released as Footprints

With Brother Jack McDuff
Moon Rappin' (1969)

With Gary McFarland
The Gary McFarland Orchestra with Bill Evans (1963)
Simpático with Gábor Szabó (Impulse!, 1966)

With David Murray
The Hill (1987)
Seasons (1999)

With Oliver Nelson
More Blues and the Abstract Truth (Impulse!, 1964)
Oliver Nelson Plays Michelle (Impulse!, 1966)

With Sam Rivers
Hues (Impulse!, 1973)

With Shirley Scott
Latin Shadows (Impulse!, 1965)
Roll 'Em: Shirley Scott Plays the Big Bands (Impulse!, 1966)

With Marlena Shaw
Marlena (1972)

With Mickey Tucker and Roland Hanna
The New Heritage Keyboard Quartet (Blue Note Records, 1973)

With Mal Waldron
Sweet Love, Bitter (Impulse!, 1967)

With Cedar Walton
Cedar Walton Plays Cedar Walton

With Ben Webster
See You at the Fair (1964)

With Reuben Wilson
Set Us Free (1971)

With Paul Simon
There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973)

With Van Morrison
Astral Weeks (1968)

With Joe Zawinul
The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream (1968)

With Charles Mingus
Let My Children Hear Music (1972)

With Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run (1975)

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