Georges Pludermacher

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Georges Pludermacher

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Georges Pludermacher

Combining the talent of a prestigious virtuoso with the daring to give performances that are often as original as they are demanding, Georges Pludermacher has today won universal renown as a pianist.

He was only three years old when he began to play the piano, and only eleven when he was accepted into the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris, where he studied under Lucette DESCAVES and Jacques FEVRIER, and later under Geneviève JOY and Henriette PUIG. He won many First Prizes, and quickly added several international awards to the list of his successes : Second Prize in the Competitions of Vianna da Mota and Leeds, and most importantly, the only prize to be given at the Geza Anda Competition in 1979.

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