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Tord Gustavsen (born 5 October 1970 in Oslo, Norway) is a jazz pianist. Before studying music, Gustavsen finished a degree in psychology. He studied jazz at the Conservatory of Music Trondheim and jazz theory at the University of Oslo. He has toured internationally several times has been a bandleader of a trio and a later ensemble both of which bore his name. The Tord Gustavsen Trio released three albums by April 2007; Changing Places in 2003, The Ground (2004), and Being There (2007). He followed them with an album recorded by an ensemble he assembled in 2009, Restored, Returned. In addition, he has recorded as a session musician, and guested on friends' albums.

Gustavsen continues to be strongly interested in psychology and has written a lengthy thesis on the paradoxes of improvisation drawing on the dialectical psychological theory of Helm Stierlin and Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye.

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