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Sweet tones, beautiful colour, the freshness of youth, like a Daisy. Daisy Chute to be precise. At the tender age of fifteen Daisy has made her debut jazz CD Simply Jazz urged to do so by the legendary Mark Murphy during a Master Class by Mister Hep Cat himself. When Mark heard Daisy sing he told the fellow jazz singers at the Fionna Duncan Jazz Vocal Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, that "Daisy, like Barbara Streisand, has a fully developed vocal talent at a young age. This girl has the gift of communication".

Most singers claim to be influenced by all the jazz greats from an early age. Daisy was actually in the womb when first exposed to the great American Songbook, courtesy of her mother, a very much "fledgling pianist", who decided to rekindle an interest in piano by taking "adult" piano lessons from her sons' teacher. She would practice for hours at a time all the old standards when she was expecting her third child, Daisy. So when Daisy, as a tot, would sit singing next to her mother at the end of the piano bench, she amazed all around how she "instinctively knew" the melodies and could swing and sing cross rhythm like jazz singers many times her age. The footlights beckoned and before she knew it she had landed the part of "Young Cosette" in the touring production of Les Miserables. At nine years old, Daisy had received her first professional paycheck courtesy of Cameron MacIntosh, the eminent British theatre impresario. Several years training in a Cathedral Choir as a chorister followed further expanding her musical experience.

A poised and posed Daisy graced numerous covers of girls magazine "Bunty" as well as books written for young teens.

Invited onto Mathew Kelly's Stars in their Eyes Kids, Granada Television showcased Daisy to an audience of 6 million British viewers, performing as the young Judy Garland "You made me love you". Ray Monk, (Mister Television Music) remarked during rehearsals on "Daisy's distinctive voice". Daisy was getting a solid grounding in musical theatre as well as keeping up her jazz interests with trips to hear every jazz singer who came to Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Festival of Jazz and Blues provided an education in itself with Daisy hearing and meeting such greats as Sheila Jordan, Carol Kidd, Barbara Morrison, Claire Martin, Stacey Kent, Rebecca Kilgoreand Clare Teal.

Exposure to all these female singers at the top of their game spurred Daisy on and she became a regular in the open mike nights and "What's New" gigs at local jazz clubs, 80 Queen Street and Henry's Jazz Cellar so ably hosted by Todd Gordon and Mike Rogers. It was there she was spotted by the pianist David Patrick, who with a trio, provided the accompaniment. Before she knew it she had been invited to sing a set in The Ladies of Jazz Concert during the Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2004 backed by the Tom Finlay Trio. Following the jazz festival she was asked to take part in Todd Gordon's Sophisticated Ladies Jazz Cabaret during Edinburgh Fringe Festival supported by the trio, consisting of the unstoppable David Patrick on piano,Adam Sorenson, a superb drummer from New York City, and Dr. Andy Sharkie, an energetic bass player from Glasgow . With two thirds of this trio having degrees in Mathematics she knew they could count on her. This run allowed Daisy to gain the confidence to record the numbers she performed urged on by Los Angeles based diva Barbara Morrison in the audience who told Daisy to "do it NOW!!!!!!"

So here it is. Simply Jazz. Thirteen classy numbers written by the famous American composers of the twentieth century and sung by a wee Scottish lassie.


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