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(28th August 1969 in Seoul) Is a South Korea Jazz singer and songwriter.

Life And Work

Youn Sun Nah grew up as the daughter of a conductor and a classical singer. At age 23 she made her debut as a singer at a concert with the Korean Symphony Orchestra. This was followed by numerous appearances at national level in Korean Musicals , for which she received several awards. Among other things, she starred in the Korean version of the musical Line 1 with. Youn Sun Nah it was in April 2011 to the Berlin Grips-Theater invited.

Youn Sun Nah Although roots lie in musical specialist, her limitations of this very fast-paced, commercial scene were too tight. So it was decided they were in 1995, to go to Paris to study at the CIM, one of the oldest schools in Europe jazz, jazz and French chanson. In addition, she attended the National Music Institute in Beauvais, and the Boulanger Conservatory. As a quintet singer she met in the Paris Club on the musicians of the Paris jazz scene. By festival appearances in France, her name was announced. She also performed regularly in Korea.

In the years 2001 to 2007 played Youn Sun Nah one five albums. She toured France, Europe and Asia, including her native Korean. Their activity brought the singer in Korea, the 2004 award as "Best Artist" in the category of "crossover" field. She won the Grand Prix at Jazz à Juan Concours 2005, as an award for best young artist in Korea. 2007 she released her album Memory Lane, Co-produced by the Danish pianist Niels Lan Doky and the Korean bassist Kim Jeong Ryul. Of Wynton Marsalis she received an invitation to "Jazz at Lincoln Center" concert series.

2009 was the singer at an exclusive ACT taken under contract. With Swedish musicians Ulf Wakenius and Lars Danielsson she has her ACT debut Voyage (ACT 9019-2) recorded, which is published in 2009. The following album "Same Girl" (ACT 9024-2) was released in fall 2010.

In 2010 she was honored for the fourth time with the "Korean Music Awards" in the category "Jazz and Crossover Album of the Year." In Germany, Youn Sun Nah is including with the Echo Jazz 2011 "international best singer" as excellent. At the "BMW World Jazz Award" in 2010, she won the audience award.

The French Ministry of Culture honored with the Youn Sun Nah "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres". From the French Jazz Academy, she received the "Prix du Jazz Vocal Mimi Perrin," as singer of the year. In addition, Youn Sun Nah won the "CHOC Award" by the French Jazzman / Jazz Magazine and was selected by the jazz magazine "So Jazz" with the discoveries of the year. As part of the G20 summit in Seoul in November 2010, she went before the leaders of more than 20 countries.

2001: Reflet
2002: Light for the People
2003: Down by Love
2004: So I Am
2007: Memory Lane
2009: Voyage
2010: Same Girl


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