What are the most famous piano concertos?

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What are the most famous piano concertos?

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The "Big Three"
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #2
Beethoven Piano Concerto #5
Grieg Piano Concerto

Honorable Mention
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1
Beethoven Piano Concerto #4
Chopin Piano Concerto #1

The major beauties of the concertos for the piano, in my opinion, are the two Chopin concertos. Beethoven's concerto number 5 "emperor" is also very nice.
Grieg's piano concerto in a minor is possibly the most famous piano concerto.
All of Rachmaninoff's piano concertos are famous, especially number 2, third movement.
Gershwin's piano concerto, although not very known, is one of the most "fun" piano concertos to play, since it has sort of a jazzy sound. Mendelssohn piano concerto in g minor is very very very very famous. My point is that possibly the most famous piano concertos are Grieg, Rachmaninoff, and maybe Mendelssohn.

Another opinion
I agree with the other answers, but I would argue that Beethoven's Emperor (Piano Concerto #5) is probably the most famous. Chopin's First Piano Concerto (Piano Concerto #1) is also very gorgeous. His second isn't as good as the first, but is also very nice. Mozart's Piano Concertos are also rather well liked. However, of all composers I think that Beethoven's have received the most praise. I've always thought that Chopin's deserved more than it got, but most favorites seem to be more romantic in style than Mozart's. That doesn't mean they were bad, but the piano's full performance potential wasn't met until later in its development. It was the center piece instrument of the romantic period and most of its more popular pieces came from this time. Other examples of favorite piano concertos of this time are Tchaikovsky's as well as Mendelssohn's. (see: Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schuman, etc)


Another opinion

Mendelssohn the composer is very famous, however his G minor Piano Concerto is not at all famous. I am a professional pianist and I have never heard it. Ever!! Unless you mean Saint-Saens? His G minor Concerto was once very well known, though you don't hear it as much these days. (Similarly now gone out of fashion are Rubinstein's D minor and the Scherzo from Litolff's 4th Concerto, but at different times they were also popular.)

Beethoven's Piano Concerto no.2 in B flat Minor does not exist, sorry.

Also Brahms 1st Concerto is in D minor not C major.

There is no Schubert Piano Concerto.

Back in the real world, surely the most famous and recognisable concertos are Tchaikovsky no.1, Grieg, and Rachmaninoff 2. There are plenty more piano concertos though. Also often heard are Schumann, Liszt 1, Mozart D minor, Beethoven 5 as noted above, slow movement of Mozart no.21 (sometimes called "Elvira Madigan" after a film in which it was used). Beethoven has the most consistently popular concertos (out of a total of 5 - not including the piano version of his Violin Concerto, known as no.6). Rachmaninoff's No.3 is well-known by reputation though not so much for the music. The two Chopin Concertos are well known (also mentioned above), especially the slow movement of the F minor one. There are still more - why not find one to listen to?

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What are the most famous pieces of piano music?

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The following list contains famous pieces that have been composed for piano, or have become associated particularly with their performance on the piano.


•"Hesitation Blues", by Jelly Roll Morton
•"I Got A Woman", by Ray Charles
•"PineTop's Boogie Woogie", by Pine Top Smith (Clarence Smith)


•"Brahm's Lullaby", by Johannes Brahms
•"Clair de Lune", by Claude Debussy
•"Emperor Concerto", by Ludwig Von Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, op. 73, was Beethoven's last piano concerto, and a brilliant piece of music
•"Fur Elise", by Ludwig Von Beethoven
•"Minuet in G", by Johann Sebastian Bach
•"Moonlight Sonata", by Ludwig Von Beethoven, whose sonatas are referred to as the Keyboardist's "New Testament"
•"Prelude in A Op. 28, No. 7", by Frederic Chopin, who wrote extensively for piano, and his waltzes are famous, this prelude in 3/4 time feels like a waltz
•"Prelude in C# Minor Op. 3, No. 2 ", by Sergei Rachmaninoff
•"The Well Tempered Clavier", by Johann Sebastian Bach, is often considered the "Old Testament" of the Keyboardist's Bible
•"Turkish March", by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


•"Last Dance", by Floyd Cramer, famous piece by Hall of Fame country piano player who made the 'slip-note style' famous. Cramer said of this style, "...the style I use mainly is a whole-tone slur which gives more of a lonesome, cowboy sound."


•"The Eight Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs", by Béla Bartók, famous Hungarian folk music for piano


•"Body and Soul", by Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton,& Johnny Green, this famous jazz standard was written in 1930

•"Maple Leaf Rag", by Scott Joplin

•"The Entertainer", by Scott Joplin , featured in the movie The Sting.

•"Georgia On My Mind", by Ray Charles
•"The Celebrated Chopsticks Waltz", by Euphemia Allen, under the pseudonym of Arthur de Lulli, 1877, better known as "Chopsticks"

•"Crocodile Rock", by Elton John
•"Good Golly Miss Molly!", by Little Richard (Richard Wayne Penniman)
•"Great Balls of Fire", by Jerry Lee Lewis
•"Imagine", by John Lennon
•"Piano Man", by Billy Joel
•"What'd I Say?", by Ray Charles

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