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Sara Tavares (born 1978) is a Portuguese singer, composer, guitarist and percussionist. She is of Cape Verdean descent but was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. She composes African, Portuguese and North American influenced world music. She composes in Portuguese and Portuguese-based creole languages, but she usually composes multilingual songs mixing Portuguese with Portuguese creole and even English in the same songs, her song "One Love" being an example.

Tavares won the 1993/1994 final of the Endemol song contest Chuva de Estrelas (performing Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time"), which helped her win the Portuguese Television Song Contest final in 1994, consequently earning a place in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Chamar a Música" reaching 8th place.

She's also known for singing the European-Portuguese version of "God Help the Outcasts" for the Disney movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," which won a Disney award for the best translation without the original.

1994 Chamar a Música
1996 Sara Tavares & Shout (EP)
1999 Mi Ma Bô
2006 Balancê
2008 Alive! in Lisboa
2009 Xinti


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