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Filomena Moretti was born in 1973 in Sassari (Italy).She graduated from the Sassari Conservatoire and was awarded the first prize. She then continued her studies with Ruggero Chiesa.

Filomena Moretti also won several international competitions:

1985 - 87                Premier Prix and « Mention Spéciale » at the Competition Mondovi
1991                      Premier Prix « Golfo degli Angeli » at the Competition Cagliari
1992                      Second Prix « E. Pujol » at the International Competition of Sassari
1993                      Premier Prix at the International Competition of Stresa
1993                      Second Prix at the Competition Fernando Sor de Rome
1995                      Premier Prix et mention spéciale at the International Competition of d’Alessandria
1996                      Premier Prix at the Competition de l’A.R.A.M.
And in 1998 she received the “Golden Guitar” for her recording of Fernando Sor under the Stradivarius label.

In 1993, she obtained a grand to pursue her studies with Oscar Ghihlia at the Chiagana Academy  in Sienne.

Filomena Moretti has played in Italy and throughout Europe , invited by some of the most prestigious musical institutions: : la Spiegelsaal du Museum für Künst und Gewerde in Hambourg, la Gartensaal du Château de Wolfsburg, Zittadelle de Berlin, Kiel, Varsovie (Fondation Chopin), Cracovie (twice in row), by the « Societa dei concerti » from the Verdi Conservatoire in Milan, and then again at the “Salone della Musica” in Turin, and by the Musicora in Paris.

She took part in several master classes with A. Diaz, D. Russel, J. Bream, J. Tomas, M. Barrueco, and then appeared with leading orchestras.

Her extensive repertoire include the most important guitar and orchestras concertos.

She then toured in Italy in march 1999 with the renowned Lucero Tena (castanets), and was also invited by the Verdi Conservatoire in Milan. In June 1999, she performed the Giuliani Concerto with the “Societa dei Concerti” at the Verdi Conservatoire in Milan.

In France, Filomena Moretti has appeared at the TransClassiques at La Cigale in Paris, at the Flâneries Musicales in Reims, at the Festivals de Radio France in Montpellier, at the Young Soloist Festival in Antibes.
Her concerts have been broadcasted on Muzzik and Mezzo TV channels. She has also been invited by FRANCE 2 channel.

Filomena Moretti has recorded two CDs for Phoenix and Stradivarius labels.

The released of the Integral for solo guitar by Joaquin Rodrigo under the Stradivarius label Filomena Moretti caused her to be on the front page of the Italian magazine Classica.

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