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At the age of 8 he began to learn to play trumpet in the band of his land, the "Calceteira", starting from that time to gain a great passion for this instrument and for music, where today he gives classes of initiation to the study of trumpet.
At age 15 he played for the first time a solo piece for trumpet in this same philharmonic, having since touched some solo pieces over the years.
He attended several workshops and stages of music and began to gain an interest in improvisation.
In 2011 he attended the Jazz School of the Lisbon Conservatory for a year.
In 2012 he belonged to an instrumental band of covers pop and rock, the Windsaltability where he wrote for the first time the arrangement of a theme.
In 2012 he joined the University of Évora in his degree in music, a branch of jazz where he nowadays finishes his studies.
Started doing liveact in bars and nightclubs in 2013.

Since always the taste for the African music was very strong and in the year of 2013 acted in Angola and began to play in the project Kaya (semba and fado).
Dó-Mi-Nós is also a band that currently belongs and devotes part of his time, covers and originals in acoustic format.


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